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Reprise on 2nd Avenue is Mdantsane-born Qü’s label-backed solo endeavour, his second on Just Music following the now-defunct Johnny Cradle’s self-titled debut LP in 2017. Tight at the seams, it teems with great production from Qü alongside collaborators Solethu Madasa (“Amandla”), Lwanda Gogwana (“Gangsta Regime”), and fellow Johnny Cradle OG Lazola Ndamase (“Bad Bulletin” and “Self Sabotage”).
His honest lyrics and sharp-eyed takes on inter-personal matters, socio-political affairs, and spiritual deep-dives is complemented by consummate guest features from Amarafleur (“Self Sabotage”) and N.A.N.Z (“Keep The Fire Burning”).
Born Sakumzi Qumana in Mdantsane, Eastern Cape, Qü sharpened his skills in underground circuits where Hip Hop elements shaped his worldview, one that had already caught the early bass of Roots Reggae and the bellowing voices of initiates when they’re gathered to sing songs of the mountain. He moved around the country, going from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town to Johannesburg, where he’s been growing as an artist and composing music while attempting to find space to attend to matters such as raising his daughter, whom he sings about on the soul-stirring “Amandla”.
He learned patience and perseverance through practice, and along the way built a small but critical and dedicated fanbase, one that continues to sustain his musical endeavors today.
“I now have the complete freedom and confidence to engage all my artistic expressions from an honest place, a place that honors the gifts I have been given,” he says. “I have had the time voicing and revoicing those words. Playing and replaying this music. Fortunately, with my daughter in the room in each and every one of the eleven songs.”

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