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Amsterdam based, Brazilian-born producer and vocalist LYZZA announces forthcoming mixtape ‘MOSQUITO’, out 16th September on Big Dada, the Ninja Tune sub label which relaunched last year as a label run by Black, POC & Minority Ethnic people for Black, POC & Minority Ethnic artists. 

The 10 track alt-pop mixtape is an expression of LYZZA’s experiences as a Black woman within the music industry. Having felt misunderstood and unaccepted in the past, recalling the feeling of “taking up too much space and being too loud” in situations, LYZZA explores the notion of preconceptions, social dynamics and how so many people are misunderstood in their day to day life. “The way you look can bring so many preconceptions that don’t apply but you can end up playing into it without meaning to if someone talks to you in a certain way” she comments.

While exploring this observation, LYZZA found inspiration and affinity in an unlikely muse which the mixtape would eventually take its name from. “To me a mosquito really encapsulates an uncomfortable presence in your surroundings. Although it’s such a small creature,it  has such an effect on the outside world. We all know the common feelings having a mosquito in your space brings, they have a stand out presence which I think plays into the idea of misunderstanding in current society so perfectly; everyone surely feels like the mosquito in the room sometimes” LYZZA explains. “Because I am black and make alternative music, I identify with the disruptive and intrusive nature of a mosquito. The fact that I look the way I look, make the music I make and you know who I am means somehow I've been able to penetrate through the noise and bias.”

In the span of 10 tracks and 38 minutes, LYZZA blazes through avant-garde electronica, alt-pop and reggaeton to face fears of vulnerability in relationships (“For When I Fall Again”), question the true intentions behind people’s motives (“Cheat Code”) and recreate a euphoric trip on hallucinogenic drugs (“Mind 2 Lips”) among other topics. LYZZA also incorporates hand-picked features from around the world including talents from Zambian-Canadian hardcore rapper Backxwash and Spanish trap artist La Zowi while intermingling English, Spanish and Portuguese lyrics to imitate the distinct sound and spread of the prominent insect. 

12" 140g black vinyl (1LP) with colour labels and printed inner sleeve and 170gsm silk 16pg full colour booklet insert. 12” card outer sleeve with 3mm spine, 350gsm, matte varnish and product sticker. Download code included.

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