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1. "Run By Night"  Rob Hirst, Jim Moginie, Martin Rotsey 3:56
2. "Cold Cold Change"  Hirst, Moginie 3:29
3. "Back on the Borderline" Peter Garrett, Moginie, Andrew James 3:09
4. "Wedding Cake Island" Garrett, Peter Gifford, Hirst, Moginie, Rotsey 3:11
5. "No Time for Games" Garrett, Gifford, Hirst, Moginie, Rotsey 4:33
6. "Don't Wanna Be the One" Garrett, Hirst, Moginie, Rotsey 3:05
7. "Armistice Day" Hirst, Moginie, Rotsey 4:29
8. "Lucky Country" Garrett, Hirst, Moginie, Rotsey 4:53
9. "Only the Strong" Hirst, Moginie 4:34
10. "Short Memory" Garrett, Hirst, Moginie 3:52
11. "Read About It" Garrett, Hirst, Moginie 3:52
12. "US Forces" the Passion"  Garrett, Hirst, Moginie 5:39

13. "Surfs Up Tonight" 3:05
14. "When the Generals Talk" Garrett, Hirst, Moginie 3:32
15. "Best of Both Worlds" Hirst, Moginie 4:03
16. "Kosciusko" Hirst, Moginie 4:41
17. "Progress" Garrett, Gifford, Hirst, Moginie, Rotsey 3:54
18. "Hercules" Garrett, Gifford, Hirst, Moginie, Rotsey 4:29
Disc 2

1. "Beds Are Burning" Peter Garrett, Rob Hirst, Jim Moginie 4:15
2. "Put Down That Weapon" Garrett, Hirst, Moginie 4:38
3. "Dreamworld" Garrett, Hirst, Moginie 3:36
4. "The Dead Heart" Garrett, Hirst, Moginie 5:11
5. "Warakurna" Moginie 4:37
6. "Blue Sky Mine" Hirst, Moginie, Garrett, Rotsey, Bones Hillman 4:15
7. "Forgotten Years" Hirst, Moginie 4:27
8. "King of the Mountain" Hirst, Moginie 3:49
9. "One Country" Garrett, Moginie 5:53
10. "Truganini"  Hirst, Moginie 5:08
11. "My Country" Hirst 4:53

12. "In the Valley" Garrett, Hirst, Moginie 4:40
13. "Surf's Up Tonight" (from the album Breathe, 1996) Garrett, Moginie 3:05
14. "Redneck Wonderland" Hirst, Moginie 3:08
15. "White Skin Black Heart" Garrett, Hirst, Moginie 4:01
16. "Say Your Prayers"  Moginie 4:25
17. "Golden Age" Garrett, Hirst, Moginie 3:41
18. "Luritja Way" Hirst, Moginie 4:00

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